A Message from ILEA Pittsburgh President, Sara Arvay

September 15, 2016

Collaboration.  It’s a word that is often used in the special events industry.  As I reflect on my involvement with ILEA Pittsburgh, collaboration is one word that accurate describes the true purpose of our organization.  When I joined ILEA Pittsburgh in 2011, I was operating my small business in a vacuum.  I wasn’t engaging with other industry professionals, but I was executing successful events.  I had been operating on my own since 2005 and decided that I needed to begin to interact and collaborate with the best in the industry in order to sustain my own professional development.

In 2011, I visited an ILEA Pittsburgh holiday party and was thrilled to meet new people with whom I had a lot in common.  Although many of the people that I met weren’t filling roles exactly like mine, there were striking similarities that made me realize that others in the industry in Pittsburgh were great resources that could offer different perspectives on the challenges that I was facing.  I was thrilled that it wasn’t necessary for me to travel across the country to conferences or to call out-of-state for advice, as ILEA Pittsburgh offered vast opportunities right in my own back yard.

Over the years, I was able to participate in many collaborations that enabled me to work with a great network of professionals with the ultimate goal of operating a successful business while elevating the Pittsburgh special events industry.  When the great minds of the professionals in the Pittsburgh events community work together, we can create amazing events for our clients.  When we collaborate and work together instead of in opposition to each other, we increase the reputation and stature of our industry.  These collaborative relationships not only increase client satisfaction, but they help to improve public perception of our industry.  When perception is improved, profits improve, as our clients truly realize the value that we contribute to their events.

Collaboration is a key component of ILEA Pittsburgh.  During my tenure as President of the chapter, I hope to highlight collaborations that are taking place between ILEA members.  If you aren’t an ILEA member, I cordially invite you to attend an upcoming meeting as a non-member to see firsthand what the chapter can offer to your business.  As the chapter continues to grow and evolve, opportunities will emerge for you to collaborate with the best in the industry.  It is critically important that Pittsburgh’s special events professionals continue to educate themselves and each other for the continuity of the great success that we have all seen over the past few years.

Thank you for all that you do for the good of the Pittsburgh special events community and I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming ILEA Pittsburgh event.

Warmest regards,

Sara Arvay