A Message from ILEA Pittsburgh President, Becky Wiley

Hello ILEA Pittsburgh!

It is both my honor and pleasure to serve as your President this year and I appreciate the opportunity to lead this chapter for the 2017-2018 term.

I feel one of the most exciting aspects of working in the special events industry is the variety of events we produce. One day may be a backyard BBQ to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, and the next day may be a gala event to benefit a local hospital or charity. No matter the size of the event, we as the professionals are called upon to make sure the client’s vision is executed successfully, something ILEA Pittsburgh members strive for.

The special events industry in Pittsburgh never ceases to amaze me. The talent and passion the event professionals in our city showcase week in and week out certainly makes me proud to be a part of this community. I also love to see so many of our ILEA Pittsburgh members collaborating on many award worthy events.

While events are typically happy occasions, I would be remiss not to recognize our ever changing industry in the world that we live in today. Event professionals are now forced to think about things we never expected to have to consider when putting together an event. Emergency plans, safety protocols, and security personnel are now as crucial, if not more, than floor plans, logistics, and alternate weather plans. While we as event professionals may not be considered the first responders at an event, we are still part of the overall core guests and attendees will look to in a time of crisis.

As your President, this year, I hope to bring more of our community together, and work (along with the rest of the board) to bring quality education opportunities for us all. I welcome all comments or concerns, as continuous improvement only serves to benefit everyone. I truly believe if we work together we can accomplish anything!

Thank you again for the opportunity!