Member Spotlight

Evelyn Castillo

Sterling Events/Past President ILEA


Tell me about your organization?

Sterling Events offers event planning services for non-profit and corporate events. I specialize in producing silent auctions for non-profits as well as creating memorable outdoor festivals.

What has been the best benefit of being an ILEA member? The best part of my ILEA membership are the relationships I have forged with other event professionals in the Greater Pittsburgh area, as well as members in other states. I also find that an ILEA membership promotes educational growth which ultimately benefits my clients.

How does being part of ILEA further your personal and business growth?  The professional and personal relationships that I have developed over the years has afforded me the opportunity to work with a wide array of event professionals in the area. These relationships allow me the flexibility to utilize a wide array of services for my clients when planning their events. I can always be assured that anyone I work will bring their best to the table, and this partnership allows us to produce amazing events. The wealth of knowledge in our chapter also allows for personal growth and collaboration with other event planners in the area. I am always struck by the camaraderie in our group and I really treasure these relationships.

Who is your dream client?  Someone with an unlimited budget…ok, I’m joking! My dream client is one who wants to create a magical event that challenges their status quo. I have a soft spot for small arts based non-profits, organizations that provide essential services to the underserved, and those that provide educational opportunities.

What types of events do you cover? Non-profit fundraisers, social gatherings, medical conferences and outdoor festivals.

What’s the most fun event you’ve worked on? Forces of Nature (a fundraiser for Event Professionals Take Action) and any of my events at the Carrie Furnaces.

Fun fact about you? I am secretly a fangirl and love Godzilla, comic books, and I also really love to cook and I’ve been known to try a new recipe for company.

Why did you join ILEA? For the educational opportunities, the chance to connect with local event professionals, and to take advantage of the sense of community that exists. We are truly stronger together when we’re able to work and learn from each other.